Kiyotoshi Kou


The ever-progressing globalization of the economy has built bridges of goods and cultures not only between nations, but also between all human beings. In addition, with the development of IoT, 5G, big data, AI, etc., the globalization and smartization of industrial supply chains are progressing more and more, impacting traditional corporate business models.

Japan is no exception. In the past, Japanese-made semiconductor manufacturing equipment was trusted by overseas customers, so we actively promoted overseas sales and outsourcing as a means of avoiding the risk of domestic economic fluctuations. We will incorporate the further internationalization of the supply chain, where comparative advantage is more emphasized, and based on the construction of a network of goods and people between companies, we will create new technologies and innovations in Japan, scale up production, and supply overseas. It can be said that the era of international social implementation has already begun, with chain construction and worldwide sales integrated.

Recognizing these new trends in the global economy, PHT was founded in 1980, and since its founding, has been working to create shared value through its global business network. We have been working on business development aiming at the social implementation and early spread of better technology by connecting each stakeholder. In the context of the Society 5.0 era, building a business network that transcends national borders and realizing synergies between the international market and technological development, we promote the development of high-quality products that lead to the creation of shared value and overseas expansion. At the same time, I will do my best to make the Japanese economy even more prosperous.

We always strive to improve customer satisfaction and provide the best possible service. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.