Terms Of Service

Before using the website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") of PHT Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), please read these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") carefully. Please read it and agree to it before using it. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using the site. In addition, if you use it, you will be deemed to have agreed to the contents of this agreement.

1. Intellectual property rights

All copyrights of the content on this site belong to our company or a third party with legitimate authority, and unless permitted by copyright law, use such work without permission (reproduction, distribution, transmission, transfer, adaptation, etc.) is prohibited. Customers are granted the right to use only within the permitted scope in accordance with the terms of use and content license conditions of each service.

Our company name and product names used on this site are our trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks. In addition, third party product and company names posted on this site are trade names, registered products or trademarks of each company. The rights related to trade names, trademarks, and marks of our company and third parties used on this site are protected by trademark law, unfair competition prevention law, and other laws. These may not be used without the consent of the Company and the third party concerned.

In addition, by providing a work on this site, the Company does not transfer patent rights, design rights, or other intellectual property rights to inventions, designs, etc. contained in the work, or any rights based on such intellectual property rights. does not imply any consent. In addition, our company provides the copyrighted work in its current state, and does not make any guarantees regarding the content of the copyrighted work.

All information such as products, services, and technologies provided to customers on this site is protected by copyright law, industrial property right law, and other laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights.

2. Prohibited act

When using this site, the following acts are prohibited.

  1. Acts that infringe, or may infringe, the property or privacy of a third party or our company.
  2. Acts that slander, slander, threaten, disadvantage, damage, or damage the honor or credibility of a third party or our company.
  3. Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that are likely to do so.
  4. Use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that are likely to do so.
  5. Acts of making false declarations or notifications, such as registering another person's e-mail address without the person's permission.
  6. Acts that violate other laws and regulations.

3. Disclaimer

We provide information and services related to our company on this site, and we always pay close attention, but we do not make any guarantees regarding the functions and contents of this site.

The Company may change or delete the content posted on this site without prior notice. In addition, regardless of the reason, the Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from errors, changes or deletions in the posted content, occurrence of problems on this site, suspension or discontinuation of operation of this site, etc. Not a thing.

4. About the links

Please note the following points when linking to this site.

  1. The contents (accuracy, etc.) of third-party sites linked to from this site or linked to this site are managed at the individual's responsibility. not below. We are not responsible for any damage caused by using the linked site.
  2. If you wish to link to this site, please clickherePlease contact us from We will reply after confirming the content. If you accept the link, please link to our top page "https://pht.co.jp".
  3. When linking to this site, please use "PHT Co., Ltd." and write the company name correctly.
  4. Please refrain from using the PHT logo in links without our consent.
  5. The Company may request deletion of links that the Company deems inappropriate, even if the Company has given its consent.
  6. We do not accept links that make it unclear that the site belongs to our company and that may cause misunderstandings to third parties.
  7. Links that fall under "2. Prohibited Acts" of these Terms of Use are prohibited.

5. Governing law

The interpretation and application of these Terms and the use of this site shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes relating to these Terms and the use of this site.

6. Others

In the event that each service on this site has separate terms of use, please read each terms of use carefully and agree to them before using the service. In addition, the Company may change these Terms without prior notice. In this case, the changed terms of use will apply to the use of this site, so please check the latest terms of use.