Wafer Transfer Device

Semiconductor manufacturing requires high-speed transportation in a very clean environment. Various innovations have been made ahead of other companies to meet such demands for the wafer transport equipment used in the semiconductor processing equipment that we provide. Its high reliability and productivity are highly evaluated by customers worldwide. As a state-of-the-art industry standard equipment, we continue to evolve to meet the latest technology and diverse needs.

A device that automatically transfers silicon wafers between carriers using a transfer robot

As an additional function, it is possible to read the wafer ID laser-marked on the wafer surface and add an alignment function. In addition, regarding specifications, wafers of 200 mm and 300 mm can be handled depending on the carrier used and functions. Supports face to face transfer and back to back transfer.

Introduction of next-generation wafer Φ450mm compatible clean robot transfer equipment

Through joint research with the Gunma Industrial Technology Center, we have developed a transfer robot that can handle large silicon wafers used as next-generation semiconductor equipment. Silicon wafers are transported in a transport container to prevent dust, and are taken out, processed, and stored in the transport container for each processing step. The transport robot is a device that performs this take-out/storage.

Next-generation silicon wafers have a diameter that is 1.5 times larger, from 300mm to 450mm. For this reason, there has been a problem that the conventional transfer robot cannot perform accurate handling. This device solves this problem and enables high-speed, high-precision transfer of large silicon wafers.

Wafer Transfer Device PWT2020

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Equipment specifications

Work Semiconductor substrate
Work size 300mm
Work thickness 600〜850μm
Power supply AC200V, 15A
Cassette (container) FOUP・FOSB・OPEN・PFA
Throughput 25 sheets/1 cassette transfer time 300 seconds or less
Drive system Motor drive (servo)
Equipment weight About 500kg
Equipment size W1000×D1400×H1800(mm)
Transportation unit 1 unit ・ 5 units ・ 25 units
Safety mechanism Presence of cassette, presence of wafer, overload detection, error alarm, emergency stop
Option Static eliminator (ionizer), full cover, area sensor ID reader, alignment, wafer flipping, etc.


This is a system that applies clean robots.

300mm wafers are transported one by one to cassettes (containers) A to B.

Compatible cassettes (containers) are FOUP, FOSB, OPEN, and PFA.

The standard transport is in units of 1 sheet, but transport in units of 5 or 25 sheets is also available.

Wafers can be safely transported collectively between cassettes.

Since wafers are lifted from the cassette for loading/unloading, contact with the cassette is minimized to prevent wear, dust generation, and damage to the wafer edge. Wafer mapping detects loading errors such as wafer misalignment and double stacking. With erroneous operation prevention sensor and emergency stop button.


  • Space saving
  • Anti-static type
  • Error monitoring with optical and mechanical sensors
  • with mapping sensor
  • Compatible with FOUP・FOSB・H-Square metal cassettes
  • Class 10 clean room compatible

Case study

Want to transport wafers easily.

Want to suppress the rubbing of the workpiece in the cassette.


Number of cassette stages, automation, work size, etc.


  1. Case used by equipment manufacturers ① Wafers for evaluation are provided by device manufacturers in FOSB (shipping cases).
    ② Transfer to a carrier (for example, FOUP) used in the equipment manufacturer's system.
    ③ Transfer the wafer after evaluation to the FOSB. (returned to device manufacturer).
    Equipment manufacturer example Etching equipment, ashing equipment, cleaning equipment, coater developer, exposure equipment, etc.
  2. Case used by wafer makers ① Transfer completed wafers (after completion of final cleaning and inspection) to FOSB (shipping case).
    ② Transfer to PFA carrier (cleaning carrier) between processes (cleaning process, etc.).

12″ compatible single-wafer quartz glass wafer transfer equipment

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This device is φ300mm (12") quartz glass wafer stage ① ~Stage ② This is a system that automatically transfers single wafers between carriers.

The cassette used is a FOUP・FOB carrier.

Basically the carrier sets the stage to the stage.

Air cleanliness: ISO class3 (iso-14644)


1. Wafer
  • φ300mm Quartz glass notch
  • Diameter φ300mm ± 0.2mm
  • Thickness 400~700μm
  • Warp 40μm or less
  • Contact range Wafer back
2. Career
  • Auto door FOSB   Type designation
  • FOUP         Type designation
  • Wafer pitch     10mm


  • Notch matching
  • Tact time / transfer time: 6 minutes 30 seconds / 25 sheets or less

External dimensions

Please refer to the attached drawings.

Each specification (1)

Stage 1(loader)

  1. Device front left stage
  2. Carrier
    • ① Auto door FOSB  Wafer storage pitch × 25
    • ② FOUP SEMI standard Wafer pitch 10mm × 25
  3. Sensor function
    • ① A transmission mapping sensor for confirming wafer load in the cassette is installed.

Each specification (2)

Stage 2(Unloader)

  1. Device front right stage
  2. Carrier
    • ① Auto door FOSB Wafer pitch 10mm × 25
    • ② FOUP SEMI Standard Wafer pitch 10mm × 25
  3. Sensor function
    • ① Install a transmissive mapping sensor for checking the presence of wafers in the cassette.

Each specification (3)

Wafer transfer robot

  1. Movement Telescopic, rotating, vertical 3-axis robot (servo motor drive)
  2. Robot hand CFRP wafer contact part PEEK edge hold method
  3. Wafer transfer specifications Basically, the process is from the lower part of the cassette to removal → upper stage to storage.
  4. Parallel transfer/extraction is also possible.