Automatic Wafer Demounter

Semiconductor manufacturing requires high-speed transportation in a very clean environment. Various innovations have been made ahead of other companies to meet such demands for the automatic wafer delamination equipment used in the semiconductor processing equipment provided by our company. Its high reliability and productivity are highly evaluated by customers worldwide. As a state-of-the-art industry standard equipment, we continue to evolve to meet the latest technology and diverse needs.

Automatic Wafer Demounter after wire sawing (slicing)

This device separates the wafer from the plate jig (beam) after wire sawing (slicing). This is a fully automated system that performs rough cleaning, separates wafers from plate jigs (beams), single-wafer cleaning, and wafer cassette storage.

Automatic Wafer Demounter PWD2020

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This is an Automatic Wafer Demounter after wire sawing (slicing). By setting the ingot bonded to the plate jig on the loading side, this system fully automates the process from rough cleaning to wafer peeling to wafer single wafer cleaning to drying to cassette storage. After peeling, the plate jig is discharged to the unloader side.

Peeling is done one by one by hot air heating method. Wafers after delamination are cleaned using the single-wafer method. After 2-fluid high-pressure washing, scrubbing, rinsing, water absorption roller drying, and slit nozzle drying, the horizontal articulated robot stores each sheet in the unloader's cassette. Storage can be selected from the upper and lower stages of the cassette (25 pieces). The maximum number of storage cassettes is 6. Supports OHT transportation.


  • Slide mechanism with original control.
  • Automated cleaning after wafer detachment, which used to be difficult.
  • Wafers cut by a wire saw are washed individually after being separated from the beam and stored in cassettes, all automatically.
  • Achieves low running costs.
  • Can be designed according to the ingot lifter you are using.
  • Optional loader ID reader can be added.
  • As an option, RFID function can be added to the unloader carrier.

Case study

Want to automate manual peeling

Want to manage wafer information


Number of cassette stages, automation, work size, design for input lifter, etc.

Wafer Automatic Peeling Device PWD2010 Wafer Automatic Peeling Device PWD2020
Version Type0 Type1 Type0 Type1
Correspondence size φ4〜8″ φ12″
Constitution Peeling part Peeling part Peeling part Peeling part
Cleaning part 1 Cleaning part 1 Cleaning part 1 Cleaning part 1
Cleaning part 2 Cleaning part 2 Cleaning part 2 Cleaning part 2
Wafer transfer part Wafer transfer part Wafer transfer part Wafer transfer part
Conveying section Conveying section
Loader Loader
Unloader Unloader
Storage Cassette (25 sheets)
Storage Cassette Up to 6 (consideration possible)
Plate jig Made by NTC ・ Made by MB
Drive system Motor drive (servo)
Safety mechanism Presence of cassette, presence of wafer, overload detection, error alarm, emergency stop
Power supply AC200V, 100A
Equipment weight About 5,000kg
Options Loader ID reader, unloader RFID, wafer reversal, storage in multiple cassettes, area sensor, etc.