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Equipment specifications

Model TYK2102-2 TYK2102-3
Number of ports 2Ports 3Ports
Transport target 300mm wafer Diameter: Φ300±0.2mm Thickness: 775μm
Career 300mm FOUP 25 stages (SEMI E47.1)
300mm FOSB 25 stages (SEMI M31)
Power voltage Single phase AC200V±10% 50/60Hz±5%
Consumption current 4kVA (20A/200VAC) including FFU
Vacuum (original pressure) -80kPa~-90kPa
Vacuum (flow rate) 40L/min 50L/min
Positive pressure (original pressure) 0.6MPa~0.7MPa
Positive pressure (flow rate) 20L/min 30L/min
EMO contact output 2 lines (dry contact)
Interlock 8 inputs/8 outputs (isolated I/O)


Equipped with a high-performance AC servo motor, it achieves high-speed transfer with ample payload capacity. Robots, load ports, and hands can be arranged optimally. Inheriting more than 20 years of robot technology operating in harsh environments.


  • 1 or 2 aligners can be installed, enabling high throughput
  • Various variations, custom correspondence
  • 200mm/300mm compatible