Cylindrical Coordinate Clean Robot PHT-R-4

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Product features

This product is a horizontal articulated robot used in clean rooms.
Back and forth (X-axis), swivel (θ-axis), up-and-down (Z-axis) + hand rotation (0 to 180°) operations are possible, supporting wafer transfer in the atmosphere. The drive motor is an AC servomotor with absolute encoder specifications for all axes.

Product overview

Model PHT-R-4
Installation environment Inside the clean room, in the atmosphere, temperature: 10°C to 35°C, humidity: 70% RH or less
Arm Single arm
Material: aluminum, CFRP, ceramic
Operating range X-axis: 500mm, θ-axis: 340deg, Z-axis: 300mm, Hand rotation: 0-180°
Operating speed (fastest) X-axis: 500mm/sec, θ-axis: 200deg/sec, Z-axis: 250mm/sec, Hand rotation: 180deg/sec
Transportable mass 3kg (total weight of hand base, hand and workpiece)

Robot standard specifications

Robot Type PHT-R-4-2022
Transported object ~300mm wafer
(We also flexibly customize other special workpieces, shapes, and materials.)
Wafer holding method Vacuum adsorption/edge clamp/edge hold
Machine structure type Horizontal articulated type,Cylindrical coordinate system
Control axis 4 axes
Motor type AC servo motor,Absolute encoder specifications
Weight Body weight: approx. 47kg; Controller: approx. 8kg
Control cable 3m (standard), 5m, 10m
Control specification (1) Parallel interface
Input 32 points
Output 32 points
Control specification (2) Serial interface
RS-232C x 1 line
Repeatability ±0.1mm or less
Degree of cleanliness ISO class 2 (0.1μm or more, 10pieces/m³ or less)
Utility Rated voltage: Single-phase AC200-230V±10%
Rated current: 5A
Vacuum: -80kPa or less 10NL/min or more
Controller specifications
Controller type MFD
Interface RS232C 1 line Digital IO input: 32 points, DC24V 8mA Output: 32 points, DC24V±3V 0.1A or less

External view (standard specification)

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